Deadly refection

Anglais Deadly refection (édition en anglais)

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"Jen's a librarian at Kentish Town Library in North London. Her life's empty and when she meets Thomas, a beautiful, good, kind Dane whose wife has just left him she falls hook, line and sinker. Though certain things disturb her - Thomas's secrecy about his family, the strange ""wedding in the mirror"" at his house in Epping Forest - when Thomas wants to introduce her to his family in Denmark she doesn't hesitate. But her friends in Kentish town get worried when John Bright reveals that the disappaearance of Thomas's wife is being treated as a suspicious death... The dreadful story climaxes in an ancient church on a clifftop overhanging the sea in a distant region of Denmark."

Rayons : Policier & Thriller > Policier

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