• The Wolfpack way Nouv.

    The Wolfpack way

    Wout Beel

    • Lannoo
    • 18 Janvier 2022

    Une fois de plus, 2021 a été une année cycliste incroyable pour le Wolfpack, l'équipe de rêve de Patrick Lefevere. Davide Ballerini s'est vite imposé à l'Omloop, Kasper Asgreen a remporté l'E3 et le Tour des Flandres, et Sam Bennett, Mark Cavendish, Remco Evenepoel et Julian Alaphilippe ont collectionné les victoires. Pendant ce temps, Michael Morkov a également remporté la médaille d'or olympique sur piste. En famille pendant leur temps libre, en extase la plus complète après une victoire ou encore en mode décompression dans le bus de l'équipe : ce livre vous permet de découvrir les coureurs à travers l'objectif de Wout Beel. Ils chutent, se relèvent et se remettent en route vers la victoire. Un portrait de groupe qui vous tiendra en haleine du début à la fin.

  • This is the era of the Smart Ecosystems Economy, where the companies that thrive must be ready to cope with randomness and unexpected events. In this digital world, the traditional boundaries have disappeared, paving the way for new and smarter ecosystems to develop. Companies seeking to transform into future-proof organisations would do well to understand these ecosystems, and get a grasp on how they work.

    This book serves as a guide to building smart, competitive ecosystems for both small and large organisations. A timely book that cracks the code of tomorrow's business models.

  • What if customers expect more than just a good product, excellent service and perfectly performing digital interfaces? And what if new technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and robotics offer possibilities that go beyond mere ease of use?

    Digital ease of use is the new minimum. It has become a commodity. The customer now regards it as the most normal thing in the world to have access to limitless products and services with just a single click of a mouse. In the years ahead, companies will need to play an active role in the 'life journey' of customers: helping to make their dreams come true and removing problems from their daily lives. In addition, customers are looking increasingly to companies instead of governments to tackle societal challenges like climate change, health care and mobility.

    If your company succeeds in providing outstanding digital service, becomes a partner in the life of your customers and provides solutions for major societal issues, you will develop 'an offer you can't refuse'.

  • Anglais D.P.R. Korea ; Grand Tour

    Carl De Keyzer

    • Lannoo
    • 5 Décembre 2017

    When it comes to foreign visitors or artists, North Korea must be the most restrictive country in the world. Nevertheless, Carl De Keyzer managed to cross the entire country in 42 days, divided into three journeys. In his latest book, Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer points his lens at North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the last communist state in the world from an ideological, political and cultural perspective.

    De Keyzer is one of very few photographers who get almost-unlimited access to the country. He photographed more than 200 different locations, many of which had never been captured on camera before. The 250 photos that form his 'Grand Tour' - taken on marches, at the shooting range, in the subway and in family homes - are a testament to this country's uniqueness.

  • Finding a major city's ultimate cocktail bar is often quite the challenge. This book takes you on a trip around the world from Hong Kong to New York and Berlin. It shows locations that set themselves apart with their gorgeous design, stunning views, exclusivity or signature cocktail. In short, must-visit bars for any enthusiast.

    Can't wait? Not to worry. The author has added some of the best cocktail recipes for classics, such as Gin Fizz, Negroni or a Manhattan, as well as the best sours and long drinks. Discover the history of each bar, learn how to select your own cocktail menu, let the unique, refined atmosphere of every location carry you away or stay home and drink your exquisite self-made drink.

  • Dreaming big propels you forward. But it is often a bumpy road. In this book, two remarkable women unravel 15 persistent myths about the path to success and finding happiness in life and work, both from their own experiences and from their daily interactions with professionals. They want to encourage people to set themselves free from such myths and to pursue their dreams with confidence and optimism. In this inspiring book they share their personal stories, stimulating testimonies, and relevant scientific knowledge.

    Is the perfect job out there? How do you define success? Is it only about climbing the ladder? Does everything have to be planned out, preferably before your thirties? And what about so-called work-life balance? Discover their answers to all of these questions, and so much more.

    A book about dreaming big, lifelong learning, and daring to jump.

  • Anglais Start to draw

    Axelle Vanquaillie

    • Lannoo
    • 31 Octobre 2019

    Drawing enhances memorisation, understanding, talking and listening and sparks communication. It is a universal language, and can help you convey your message more clearly and engagingly - especially during meetings, while laying out ideas or simply in a brainstorming session. So why have all of us stopped drawing at a certain point in our lives?
    Start to Draw is a fun and clear-cut guide to drawing and visualising your ideas in your work environment. It is an accessible, bite-size book providing insight into why drawing works, how you can have a great impact on your own (and others') professional work, and how you can end up with a more creative approach to your job.

  • Cobalt blues : la sape d'un géant Congo 1960-2020 Nouv.

    Les Panama Papers de la RD Congo: pourquoi ce pays potentiellement riche est-il tellement pauvre ? Une accusation tranchante contre le pillage des matières premières du Congo, pendant que la population souffre Dans Cobalt blues le journaliste Erik Bruyland plonge dans l'histoire postcoloniale de son pays natal, la République Démocratique du Congo. Le passé colonial belge transmue vers des scènes quasi d'esclavage dans les mines les plus riches au monde. Alors pourquoi ce pays tellement riche est-il si pauvre ? Son travail fouillis de journalisme d'investigation dévoile comment des opportunistes et de spéculateurs ont - comme des vautours - pu mettre main-basse sur les richesses minières. Bruyland effiloche les carrousels économiques et financiers et les manigances géopolitiques qui ont abouti à la tragédie du Cobalt blues: l'or bleu qu'engrangent des sociétés offshore, la sueur noire n'en récoltant rien. Et tout ça pour assouvir notre appétence pour nos téléphones intelligents ou voitures électriques. Une analyse tranchante du dépérissement économique et politique de la RDC, avec en miroir le rôle et la responsabilité de l'ancien colonisateur belge

  • Anglais City

    Irene Schampaert

    • Lannoo
    • 25 Octobre 2016

    Instagram est plus populaire que jamais. Chaque jour, la moitié du monde poste en moyenne 80 millions de nouvelles photos sur ce réseau social. Insta Grammar en fait une sélection.

    Dans City, vous découvrirez les photos et les panoramas les plus originaux capturés dans les villes du monde entier. Le tout réuni dans un sympathique petit livre. Un vrai bijou !

  • Anglais Instagram Gallery Nordic

    Irene Schampaert

    • Lannoo
    • 25 Octobre 2016

    Instagram est plus populaire que jamais. Chaque jour, la moitié du monde poste en moyenne 80 millions de nouvelles photos sur ce réseau social. Insta Grammar en fait une sélection.

    Nordic vous emmène dans le Grand Nord à travers de magnifiques photos. Le tout réuni dans un sympathique petit livre. Un vrai bijou !

  • Anglais Cats

    Irene Schampaert

    • Lannoo
    • 25 Octobre 2016

    Instagram est plus populaire que jamais. Chaque jour, la moitié du monde poste en moyenne 80 millions de nouvelles photos sur ce réseau social.Insta Grammar en fait une sélection.

  • - The ultimate guide for the advanced home brewer.

    - Learn everything about brewing processes, maintenance and analysis.

    - Technical, in-depth and yet accessible.

    - Written in collaboration with the European Trade Association of Brewers, representing 29 countries and more than 10,000 breweries.

    This book is aimed at small brewers - professional brewers in the process of opening their own breweries or existing brewers - and focuses on quality measures to improve brewing skills and produce the best quality beer. It is the ideal guide for the advanced home brewer, who does not require 5 years of experience in a large industrial brewery or a master's degree in brewing science, and a precious resource for all small brewers looking to expand their brewing skills, improve their know-how about the brewing process and get more value and benefits from their brewing work.

  • In effective animation programming, one must be able to rely on theoretical knowledge as well as research-based insights in applicability. This updated version of Animation Maths contains an overview of both.

    In addition to exploring collision detection, it also puts forward a discussion of programmable kinematics. These physics of motion, designed to complement programming, offer an invaluable tool in adding realism to games and animations. Furthermore, screen effects and image handling are taken to a professional level by a detailed outline of all the basic transformations.

    The uniqueness of this book lies in its calculus-free approach. In order to cover the basics of the discipline, Animation Maths contains a brief summary of the fundamentals in arithmetics, solving systems and trigonometry. Animation Maths is accompanied by the website which contains online support and useful downloads.

    "Animation Maths achieves a perfect balance between deductive mathematics and broad accessibility, particularly through its interactive companion site." Leo Storme (Pure Mathematics and Computer Algebra, UGent) "With Animation Maths, Ivo De Pauw and Bieke Masselis present motion related mathematical subjects, ranging from trigonometry to quaternions and kinematics in an understandable fashion. It's a true game developers toolkit." Fries Carton (Guerrilla Games, Amsterdam)

  • Generation Alpha in beta Nouv.

    Generational thinking is not a science, but a reliable framework for successful marketing, communications, and product strategy. This book describes how marketing is evolving for the demographic group Generation Y, born between 2010 - the year when the iPad and Instagram were launched - and 2025. This book examines the impact of technology and digitisation on the brains and development of this generation, the world's future consumers. With examples and insight, it shows how young entrepreneurs and influencers use new media to promote their interests and associated brand preferences to their peers and to the world.

  • Anglais Abandoned places

    Henk Van Rensbergen

    • Lannoo
    • 14 Juin 2019

    Henk van Rensbergen is a Boeing 787 pilot who flies around the globe. While his crew rests at the swimming pool, he goes out to explore abandoned places in our world. From the breakaway state of Abkhazia, a floating warship cemetery in France, a forgotten love hotel in Japan to an abandoned rail depot in Detroit, van Rensbergen searches for the beauty of their desolation and pinpoints the richness of their decay. Van Rensbergen is a pioneering urban explorer. His Abandoned Places photo books (1, 2, 3 and The Photographer's Selection) have been highly successful. This complete revised edition shows his most iconic photos of the past 25 years, including new unpublished material and anecdotes.

  • A selection of the 150 most beautiful and inspiring hotels in the world - each having a unique story to tell.
    From Paris to New York, from New Zealand to the Arctic. By Debbie Pappyn, Travel Journalist. - Enjoy!

  • Gigantisme

    Geert Noels

    • Lannoo
    • 18 Mars 2019

    Pourquoi le nombre de cas d'obésité augmente-t-il dès qu'un nouvel hypermarché ouvre ses portes ? Pourquoi les plus grandes entreprises au monde s'arrogent-elles tous les bénéfices ? Pourquoi les clubs de football des petits pays arrivent-ils rarement à dépasser le stade des tours préliminaires de la Champions League ?
    Dix ans après le début de la crise financière et dix ans après la publication de son best-seller Econochoc, Geert Noels nous propose une nouvelle et audacieuse analyse de l'économie mondiale. Son diagnostic : notre monde souffre de gigantisme. Les entreprises et les organisations ne cessent de gagner en taille et en puissance, tuant la saine concurrence, créant une croissance non durable et mettant l'humain sous pression, avec comme conséquence la hausse du nombre de maladies dites de civilisation, comme le burn-out et l'obésité.
    Dans GIGANTISME, Geert Noels propose aussi dix solutions pour changer les règles du jeu économique, dompter les géants et rendre à l'humain et à l'environnement la place qui leur revient dans l'économie mondiale. Pour y arriver, nous n'avons pas d'autre choix que de mettre fin à la course au gigantisme et de privilégier la lenteur et le retour à un monde plus humain.