Viking Adult

  • One man saw it coming.

    As far back as 2005, Professor Nouriel Roubini - aka 'Dr Doom' - warned that the US housing bubble was set to crash, and what would begin as a national disease would soon spread overseas resulting in a deep recession. Free market fundamentalism would fail and we'd be faced with the worst economic crisis in history, crippling our global economy and bringing the world's financial systems to a shuddering halt. Sound familiar?

    By guiding us through a crash course in 'crisis economics' - black swans and white swans, pressure points in the global economy, crises that extend beyond national borders and bubbles in the financial sector that spill over into the real economy - Roubini shows us that boom to bust economics does not have to be destiny. Roubini offers a course for the future: radical reform of the international financial order and a clear view of regulation, supervision and greater coordination between central banks in Europe, Asia and the United States.